Shibalana Is Moonlana’s Fav Pet

We are aiming on being your Fav friendly pet. Shibalana is not only cute and cuddly but also Instant, and near feeless thanks to our owner Solana.
Shibalana Astronaut

Project Info

Shibalana was created for the sole purpose of building a decentralized MemeEconomy. We reward users that contribute to the Shibalana Ecosystem.

We welcome creators, memers, couch potatoes and anyone that wants to join the movement.

Shibalana Buff
Elon Musk Fav Pet



5 Billions $SHIBA are allocated for Orca, Fusion Pools, Staking and CEX Liquidity


3 Billion $SHIBA were distributed Free to over 10k Wallets


1 Billion $SHIBA will be used for giveaways, meme challenges, and other marketing tacticts


1 Billion $SHIBA will be for the team

10 billion
Max Supply

No more minting, 10 Billion $SHIBA is the Max Supply.

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How To Buy


Create Solana Wallet

Create a Phantom, Solflare or Sollet Wallet using a desktop computer. That will allow you to buy, sell, send, and receive $Sol and mint tokens like our project $SHIBA.


Send $SOL/USDC To Your Wallet

You can buy Solana (SOL) on Coinbase, Binance, FTX or any major Exchange. Transfer your $SOL/USDC to your Solana Wallet.  Make sure you are using the Solana Network when transfering $SOL or $USDC.



In your Solana wallet, click add custom tokens. Add Shibalana’s Mint Address, Name and Symbol.
Mint Address: Dhg9XnzJWzSQqH2aAnhPTEJHGQAkALDfD98MA499A7pa
Name: Shibalana
Symbol: SHIBA


Connect Your Wallet To Raydium, Dexlab or Lanadex

Click “Connect wallet” on Raydium, Dexlab or Lanadex and connect to be able to trade.


Swap or Trade SOL/USDC For $SHIBA

Click “Connect wallet” on Raydium, Dexlab or Lanadex and connect to be able to trade.

Dexlab Trading

Trade on Dexlab, Lanadex or Raydium

Be sure to have enough $SOL for trading fees, transfers and mints.



Shibalan cutie

Moonlana Buys Us

-Moonlana acquired us for 69 $MOLA
-We became their PET

Forms & Contests

-List on Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Blockfolio and Delta.

-Meme competitions, drawing challenges and emote contests.

-Create a Raydium pool and List on a Dex

Shibalana NFT + Games

-Create a Shibalana NFT collection for the community.

-Faucet games

Cex + Marketing

-Apply for a CEX Listing.

-Make high quality $SHIBA Memes and get the community involved and active.

-Make friends and partnerships with other projects with similar values

Shibalana Is Born

-Create Website, Socials and Airdrop Form

-Mint $SHIBA and begin the distribution Process.

-Get 15k Twitter Followers + 15k Discord Users